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God I'm glad you're getting these up.

Clovis15 responds:

I don't think we were allowed to upload straight video to Newgrounds back when these were being made.

So glad to see we can get the voice actor ones up! Don't worry about scores, it's a dinosaur of the site and doesn't need to happen anymore.

This is definitely a winner. Really impressive job on everything. Certainly hope you bring this to conclusion rather than give up on it or move on.

Also, what BG's did you use for the tournament grounds? I only recognized the DBZ one with the Japanese style building. The one the animation opens with is new to me.

Don't let the anti-sprite assholes here bring you done. This deserved better than Daily 4th, but those haters are gonna hate like hell.

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Awesome and so soon

HAHAHAH! Awesome. That little shit who was fucking with him got what he deserved, too. GO FAT KID!

Very addicting game

This game has the right mixture of everything. The upgrade system is a lot of fun and trying to beat your high score each time can be frustrating, but there is a deep pull to do it.

My longest was over 8million, but I can only prove 7,386,726 with a screen shot. Highest in the air I achieved was 2,756.

Suggestions for a follow up would be even more medals and distance achievements, as well as more upgrades for the canons.

Has potential

Well, since it's a beta, things will improve.

The graphics are just kind of okay, but they wok for the game.

The ability to upgrade both weapons and vehicle adds a little strategy to the game, however, at this point in development, it's causing problems.

The faster your stage coach, the harder things get. Why? Because even after you've reached the destination, if all the characters set for the level have not appeared, you cannot complete the stage, and they all start coming at once! I hope this is fixed in the final.

I'd like to see medals attached to the game, but that is only fluff and not needed for the overall experience, so there's no negative to the score there.

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I love Illusion of Gaia/Illusion of Time. My favorite game on the SNES.

SourJovis responds:

It's a great game. I love the how you get to explore all of these wonders of the world but without the tourists. I like how colourful the game is and how that makes you want to explore its world like you're on some big vacation, yet at the same time it's very dark and makes you think about the bigger things in life. The story is very beautiful and has a lot of depth. Illusion of Gaia/Illusion of Time isa one of a kind game.

That shit has some nice bounce to it. Probably gonna use it in an upcoming video.

And...now I hate this song...Nine people...nine people did this? Okay...okay...

Ceevro responds:

Zero? Really dude? We worked for almost a month to make this happen.

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